Blooming Trees & Shrubs


By Ann Justice & Consulted by William Ellis Fletcher, PhD



Blooming Trees & Shrubs of the Coastal South is a writing with a passion for plants that thrive in the steamy South, a veteran gardening columnist identifies and provides a sequential timetable for bloom of flowering trees and shrubs that grow so abundantly along the lush and lovely Gulf and South Atlantic regions. Colorful photographs highlight 74 flowering shrubs and trees that can be depended upon to provide seasonal color in the landscape in the Coastal South Region.

Ann Justice writes about plants that thrive in the area that is sometimes identified as Hardiness Zones 8B through 9A. This region ranges along the Gulf Coast from Houston through Acadiana, Baton Rouge and New Orleans to Biloxi, Mobile and Tallahassee, then climbs the Atlantic Coast from Jacksonville to Savannah and Charleston.

Book Stats:

Title: Blooming Trees & Shrubs of the Coastal South by Sequence of Bloom

Author: Ann Justice, (Consultant) William Ellis Fletcher, PhD

Cover Photographed by: Steve Angers, Angers Graphics

Publication Date: March 2007

Price: $24.50, Paperback

ISBN No: 978-0-615-16889-0

No. of Pages: 96

Published by: Acadiana Gardening

Distributed by: Beau Bayou Publishing

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