Cajun Cuisine


Authentic Cajun Recipes From Louisiana's Bayou Country



Cajun Cuisine is a carefully selected compilation of totally authentic Cajun recipes screened by several career Cajun home economists for authenticity and quality. It was compiled by W. Thomas Angers, a member of a second generation Louisiana publishing family.

The introduction was written by Marie Louise Comeaux, the worlds leading authority on Cajun cuisine, and contains critical information on the origins and component parts of authentic Cajun food. The title includes Louisiana classics including gumbos, jambalayas, bisques, fricassees, etoufees, sauce piquantes, wild game, seafood and much more.

An extraordinary effort was made to identify and publish truly authentic and tasty cajun recipes so the world would know the real thing.

Book Stats:

Title: Cajun Cuisine: Authentic Recipes From Louisiana's Bayou Country

Author: W. Thomas Angers

Illustrations: Randy Herpin

Cover Photo: Glade Bilby II

Publication Date: October 1985

Price: $22.50, Hardcover

ISBN No: 978-0935619003

No. of Pages: 224

Published by: Beau Bayou Publishing Company




Crawfish Bisque

Tarte a la Bouillie

Maque Choux

Daube Glace

Oreille De Cochon

Maque Choux

Pralines Au Bene


Pain Perdue


Chicken Gumbo File'

...and many more!

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